Professional DVD, CD, Video Game Disc Repair Service

Professional DVD, CD, Video Game Disc Repair Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if your disc can be repaired or not? Want to know how much it costs to get your scratched disc professionally repaired? How exactly does the magic of disc repair happen? Read on to find out! If your question is not answered below, then please Contact Us for a fast and friendly response to your query.

General Questions

What Is Disc Repair?

The process of repairing a disc consists of two basic stages. The first involves the use of an abrasive pad to physically remove any scratches from the disc. This is achieved by removing some of the polycarbonate protective layer of the shiny side of the disc, which is completely safe and does not effect the discs data. Then the disc is polished to achieve a shiny, like new finish.

Why Do I Need It?

Why spend up to £50 replacing a scratched, unreadable disc when you can have it professionally repaired to a like new finish quickly and easily with Discs Like New for just a few pounds? Our service not only rescues discs from the plastic graveyard,. it also enhances the collectability of rare otherwise out of print discs. 

How Does It Work?

Ordering your disc repair online from Discs Like New is quick and easy. Simply select the number of discs you would like to repair and checkout through PayPal. Then post your discs to us and we'll make them shiny and happy again and return them back to you with a smile. 

What Type Of Machines Do You Use?

We have tried every machine on the market and we found that Eco Smarts stood head and shoulders above the rest. They cut up to 400% faster than their nearest rivals on the market which polishing cloths and suspension based liquid abrasives. 

Repairing Your Discs

What Types Of Disc Can Be Repaired?

We can repair almost any type of scratched disc, regardless of size or type. This includes CDs, CD-Rs, DVDs, DVD-Rs as well as all most types of game disc – Playstation 2,  Xbox 360 etc. We can also repair Blu-Ray discs, but due to the way the data is stored, we are only able to repair light-medium damage. Please note we can't currently repair Nintendo Gamecube discs. 

What Type of Damage Can Be Repaired?

Light-medium scratches can be removed from discs very easily. The majority of deep scratches can also be removed, but the more severe they are the more of the protective disc layer will also need to be removed. Our machines will only remove a safe amount of this layer, so very heavy scratches may not be entirely removed.

What Type of Damage Can Not Be Repaired?

If your disc is cracked, warped, dented or has evidence of foil damage then we can not repair it, no matter how hard we may try! See below for full details on each problem;

Cracked Discs – Many discs develop spindle cracks in the centre of the disc after being repeatedly taken in and out of a tight case. If this is the case, then very gently bend the disc to see how far the crack extends. If it reaches the readable surface then it can not be repaired.

Warped Discs – When you inspect your disc it should be perfectly flat. If it looks warped or bent, then it can not be repaired. This is usually a result of heat damage, which can occur when a disc is exposed to direct sunlight.

Dents – A dent occurs when blunt force is applied to a disc, such as it being bitten by a pet, stood on or being attacked with a sharp object. This will produce an indentation which can sometimes be so severe that it can be seen from the other side of the disc. We are unable to repair these discs.

Foil Damage – This occurs when the graphic, or printed label side of the disc has been damaged. If you can see marks on this side, then hold your disc up to a strong light and observe the shiny, non printed side. If light is shining through the disc then the disc can not be repaired.

If you unsure if you disc can be repaired, please contact us for assistance and we will be happy to help!

Pricing and Postage

What Does It Cost?

The cost depends on how many discs you need to repair.  We currently charge £2.25-2.75  to repair 1 disc, and from there we offer incremental discounts as the volume increases. If you have a high volume of discs to repair, then contact us for a quote – our bulk repair prices can not be beaten.

How Much Is Delivery?

All orders include free 1st class return delivery. You will need to pay to ship your discs to our repair centre. Our service only currently covers the United Kingdom. 

How Long Does It Take?

It's fast! We only use 1st class delivery to return your discs so you should receive them back within 1-2 working days of ordering.

Do You Offer Trade Discounts?

Yes we do! Full details can be found on our trade repairs page. If you would like a quote for a larger number of discs than that listed on our website, then please request a quote and include the number / type of discs you need repairing.