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Clear Replacement UMD Game Case

UKDR Replacement PSP UMD Game Case (Clear)

Replace your cracked, broken Sony PSP games or movies with our fantastic new range of cases. Free UK Delivery on ALL orders.
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Product Description

These replacement UMD PSP game cases are exclusive available from Discs Like New and our sister company, UK Disc Repair. They are manufactured to the highest quality, and while they have been imitated by others, they have yet to be matched.

The case design is very simple. Unlike the original, flimsy PSP case which is a complex 4-piece design, these are two piece. This makes them remarkably strong and hard wearing and very easy to install.

Simply remove your UMD game from the broken case*, place into one half of new case, line up the pins and then connect the two pieces. That's it - a brand new, near unbreakable case and a game that now works! *If your UMD disc is dirty then we recommend you clean it with a soft cloth prior to installing in a new case.

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