Can Scratched Xbox 360 Discs Be Repaired?

Posted on: October 21st, 2010 by andymyers No Comments

Many of our customers contact us to say that that their Xbox 360 has produced one or more circular scratches around their disc, rendering it completely unplayable. This occurs when the Xbox 360 is moved during gameplay (we’ve all done it!) and the disc is quite literally grinded across the top of the disc drive.

The good news is we can repair these scratched or ‘laser burnt’ discs as some people refer to them, and it’s actually quite easy! This is because while the circular scratches may look very severe, they don’t actually effect the data of the disc, only the polycarbonate cover which protects it.

Our professional disc repair machines work to safely remove a very thin layer of the polycarbonate layer which is found underneath the disc. This also removes the scratches from the disc enabling the console to read the data again.

Think of it like someone putting a screen up between you and your television – you wouldn’t be able to watch your favourite show (mine is Entourage!) without taking it down. Disc repair works in a similar way – by removing the screen (the scratches), the laser can access the discs data, rather than bouncing off.

When we repair an Xbox 360 disc with heavy circular scratches, we are typically left with a faint circular hairline, where there was once a thick band across the entire disc. This hairline does not cause any playback issues but it does sometimes prevent us from achieving a 100% mint finish for your disc.

As well as repairing circular damage, we can also remove normal wear and tear and scratches from your Xbox 360 discs. What we can’t do is repair any ‘foil damage’. This can occur when a scratch is so deep that it actually penetrates the data layer, corrupting it and rendering the disc unless.

However, it is more common that a disc is left out of its case and the printed side of the disc gets marked (We’ve all done this too!). While this might seem harmless, the data actually sits right under the label so your disc may be damaged beyond as a result.  If you do leave discs leaving around, you are actually better off leaving them printed side down, as ridiculous as that might sound!

A quick acid test to check for foil damage is to hold the disc up to a bright light and see if there is any light passing through. If you can see any light through the disc, then it can not be repaired. If no light shows, then there is a good chance that we can nurse it back to full health for you.

Visit our main website to repair your scratched Xbox 360 discs now – Our online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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