What Types Of Discs Can We Repair?

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We can repair almost any type or size of disc, including Blu-Ray Films and Playstation 3 games, but there are a couple of exceptions!

Here is a list of the formats we can currently repair;

Compact Disc (CD)

The CD was originally intended to store music, but as video games became more sophisticated and graphically advanced consoles such as the Sega Saturn became to utilise the format. In addition the CD-R and CD-RW were developed for home users to record music from their PC’s etc.

CD Formats Repaired – Music CD’s, CD-R’s, CD-Roms, CD-RW’s, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Sega CD Sony Playstation 1, Atari Jaguar, Philips CD-i (& many more!)

Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)

Originally developed by Sony, Philips and Time Warner back in 1995, The DVD brought film into the digital era, replacing the rather dated and clunky VHS videotape. The DVD provided over 10 times the capacity of the CD allowing entire films to be stored on them, as well as video games. We can repair all of the DVD formats listed below;

DVD Formats Repaired – Single Sided DVD’s, Double Sided DVD’s (classed as 2 discs), DVD-R, DVD-RW, Playstation 2, Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft Xbox 360 (& many more!)


The Blu-Ray disc drastically increases the amount of storage space possible on a disc – whereas a DVD can only store up to a maximum of 4.7gb of data, single layered Blu-Ray discs can store 25gb (double layered can store 50gb). The significant increase in capacity allows for true HD movies and expansive game worlds to be stored on one single disc.

You may have noticed that Blu-Ray discs are harder to scratch than your average DVD – this is due to them having a much harder protective surface. They can still get scratched and be in need of repair though and we are proud to have the latest disc repair machines which can repair this emerging format;

Blu-Ray Formats Repaired – Blu-Ray Movies, Playstation 3 Games

Nintendo Optical Disc

After the poor sales of the cartridge based N64 and huge loss of market share to the Sony Playstation, Nintendo support optical based media for the first time in it’s next console, the Gamecube. However, whereas Microsoft and Sony used DVD discs for their console, Nintendo developed their own 8cm MiniDVD optical format.

One of the main motivations for the format was to prevent the production of counterfeit discs, which became a serious problem for the Xbox andPlaystation 2. With the release of the Wii, Nintendo extended it’s technology to a full 120mm disc with increased storage capacity. Our professional disc repair machines can repair both Gamecube and Wii discs with ease!

Nintendo Formats Repaired – Wii, Gamecube

Here’s what we can’t repair;

Playstation Portable (PSP)

Although the discs can be theoretically be removing from the cases, the discs are too small to run through any commercial disc repair machine on the market. The need for such repairs are also minimal due to the protective casing provided.

Sony Minidisc

We are unable to repair Minidiscs, though they are almost impossible to damage anyway! We can, however, repair 8cm ‘Mini CDS’, i.e. Gamecube discs (see below)

Have we missed any disc formats? Please let us know if we have and we will add them to the list!

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