What Types Of Discs Have We Repaired This Month?

Posted on: November 23rd, 2010 by andymyers No Comments

Our website has only been live for a few weeks but we have have already repaired 100′s of discs for our customers – thanks for the support so far! There’s plenty more to come from Discs Like New

Although we receive a wide range of different discs, from Nintendo Wii to Compact Discs by far the most common type of disc we repair is for the Xbox 360 – we’ve repaired everything from Halo Reach to Fifa 11 this month.

We have even had a couple of copies of Call Of Duty: Black Ops to repair, even though it has only been out for 3 weeks!

Almost everyone single Xbox 360 disc we repair has some degree of laser burn ring scratches (also known as ‘halo ring’) brought about by the user moving the Xbox 360 while in use.

We’ve all done it – you’re sat with your mates and the console isn’t quite in position so you give it a little innocent nudge, no harm done.

Before you know what’s hit you, your games console has transformed into a  orbital sander and planed your disc to complete destruction.

5 seconds later and it shape shifts back into a game console, albeit one that doesn’t want to play your disc anymore!

This is a well documented fault with the Xbox 360 (apparently Microsoft knew about it when they approved the console for release) which renders any disc completely unusable – until now!

Our disc repair machines can quickly and easily remove laser burn scratches from your disc, no matter how deep they may appear, giving you a disc which looks and plays like new.

With the recent launch of the new Kinect accessory, which encourages you to move around your Xbox 360 console we can expect quite a few more laser burnt discs to end up on our doorstep this side of Christmas!

By the way in case anyone is wondering, we don’t rate Kinect (here’s why)- it’s rubbish and we’ll stick with our Wii’s this Christmas!

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