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Posted on: October 21st, 2010 by andymyers No Comments

Welcome to the Discs Like New blog. We offer a professional scratched disc repair service to the public and trade. We specialise in transforming your scratched, unplayable games, cds and dvds into discs which look and play like new. Like our name we’re new on the block, but our founder, Anthony Taylor has been retailing used cds, dvd and video games online for 5 years as well as collecting rare retro games and consoles in his spare time.

We came across the concept of disc repair around 6 months ago through a close friend who also runs a video game store. We took a few of our heavily scratched, unplayable playstation 2 discs and were absolutely blown away by the results. Not only were we able to get all of the discs 100% working again, but almost all of the scratches were removed as well so they looked fantastic!

Needless to say we were sold on disc repair from this point onwards so it wasn’t long before we had our own machine and were repairing 100′s of discs for our own business each week. This enabled us to transform scratched, worthless discs into sellable stock as well as improving our customer feedback. We are sure you’ll agree there’s nothing better than receiving a clean, scratch-free disc when you order a used item.

As well as repairing discs for ourselves, we started to get requests from family, friends, friends of friends and local business contacts to repair their discs as well! So we decided to set up a website to offer disc repair to the public and trade customers throughout the entire UK – we hope you like it!

We’ve tried to make disc repair as quick and easy as possible – from our pre-paid shipping envelopes to our free 1st class return postage and guaranteed 24 hour turnaround you can be assured of a hassle-free experience every time.

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