Removal of Freepost Service

Posted on: September 22nd, 2011 by andymyers No Comments

After careful consideration and lots of feedback from our loyal customers, we will shortly be removing the Royal Mail Freepost service from our website. This will considerably reduce our operating costs which will result in much lower disc repair prices for our customers, especially on multiple-disc orders.

The removal of the service will mean some changes. Instead of us shipping a Freepost envelope, you will need to pay for the shipping of your discs and send them directly to our repair centre. ¬†This cost will be more than compensated by cheaper unit prices for our disc repair. We also expect a significant reduction in the average turnaround per disc, as you won’t need to wait for our freepost envelopes to arrive.

If you still need packaging materials, then you will be able to order a pack of pre-addressed disc repair envelopes for ¬£1.00. These have been specifically designed to minimise postal costs (you can send up to 2 discs as a standard letter) so they are worth considering if you don’t have anything suitable. Please note – the envelopes are only available when placing an order.

Thank you for your continued support in making Discs Like New a huge success!

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