Discs Like New Reviewed By Casually Hardcore.Net!

Posted on: February 21st, 2011 by andymyers No Comments

Our professional disc repair service was recently reviewed by casuallyhardcore.net (for all you gamers they sell some of the finest gaming tees out there so check them out!)

They sent us a dvd using our freepost service which was quite heavily scratched and was causing playback issues such as jumping and freezing. We repaired the disc and returned the disc to him in scratch-free like new condition.

Scratched Disc Before Repair


They were delighted with the results commenting that the ‘disc really does look like new’ and ‘We were extremely impressed with the service’. You can read their full review of our disc repair service by visiting – http://casuallyhardcore.net/discs-like-new-review/

Scratch Free Repaired Disc


Repairing your scratched discs is easy – just visit our online ordering page and pay securely through PayPal. Postage is free, packaging is included and we guarantee to return your disc to a ‘like new’ condition once again.

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