Advantages and Disadvantages of Disc Cleaning

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In this blog post we will be looking at the main characteristics of disc cleaners and cleaning machines, as well as some of the main advantages and disadvantages.

Overview of Disc Cleaning

A disc can be cleaned in several ways. The most simple way is to spray the disc with an cleaning spray and to clean the  disc with a soft, lint-free cloth. It is important to wipe in straight lines from the centre to the edge of the disc, avoiding circular motions as these can result in your disc becoming scratched. Alternatively you can purchase a rotary cd cleaner which replaces the need to wipe the disc with a cloth. All types of media disc, including CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD’s can be safely cleaned.


Cleaning your disc is very cost effective. Cleaning sets can be purchased for between £5-10 and each set can usually repair over 100 discs before additional supplies need to be purchased. CD & DVD cleaners are also very effective at removing fingerprints or dirt from your discs. In many cases this is enough to resolve any jumps or skips you may be experiencing.

It is very quick and easy to clean your discs and the results are very good if you use the right equipment. For example, using a t-shirt to clean your disc may remove dirt but it will also scratch your disc. It may be difficult to believe but discs are very susceptible to damage, even running your finger across the shiny surface will cause light damage.


Disc cleaners are very effective at polishing your disc and removing fingerprints. However, they are unable to remove any actual damage from your disc, regardless of whether it is a light hairline scratch or heavy gouge. Therefore if playback issues are being caused by scratches on your disc, then cleaning it will be completely ineffective.

Whereas disc cleaners only polish the surface of your disc, professional repair machines safely grind away just enough of the polycarbonate (shiny) side of your disc to remove all of the scratches from the disc. The discs are then polished so the result is a high quality finish and a disc that looks and plays like a brand new disc.

This isn’t to say disc cleaning machines are useless (we use them every day ourselves) but they are clearly ineffective at removing any actual damage from a disc. Cleaning your disc is completely safe and very cheap so there is harm in cleaning it to see if it is enough to restore playback to your disc. If it does work then great, if it doesn’t then you may want to invest in a professional disc repair service.


Disc repair and disc cleanig are often considered to be one and the same by many people. As a result if cleaning the disc with a spray and cloth doesn’t correct the playback issues then they may incorrectly assume the disc is useless and throw it away. However, cleaning the disc barely scratches the surface (pun intended) or what is actually achievable in the disc repair market.

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This post was written by Anthony Taylor, Managing Director of Discs Like New. Visit to find out more about our range of professional repair services.

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