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Discs Like New Impresses At Wigwam 2011

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As recently announced, Discs Like New sponsored the Scalford Hall Wigwam Show on Sunday 6th March. The show is run by Hi-Fi enthusiasts for Hi-Fi enthusiasts so we were delighted to help contribute to the event! In keeping with the spirit of the show, every visitor was offered a free disc repair which kept us busy for most of the day as we were handed all sorts of damaged music cds and video games. Feedback to the service wa…

Discs Like New Reviewed By Casually Hardcore.Net!

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Our professional disc repair service was recently reviewed by casuallyhardcore.net (for all you gamers they sell some of the finest gaming tees out there so check them out!) They sent us a dvd using our freepost service which was quite heavily scratched and was causing playback issues such as jumping and freezing. We repaired the disc and returned the disc to him in scratch-free like new condition. They were delight…