Why Your Business Needs Disc Repair

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Discs Like New started out as a online business retailing used video games, cds and dvds so we have a considerable wealth of experience in the second hand market. Even today we still remain a retail business that repair discs so we understand the challenges faced by other small, independant retailers.

Before we entered the disc repair market, we had a serious problem with heavily damaged stock, particularly in the video games market. We either had to risk selling the stock and accept a high return rate, thoroughly test it before sale which takes time or simply throw it away. Little did we know that the majority of the discs could be professionally repaired to a near new finish.

As well as removing the uncertainly surrounding whether a disc would play or not, we also experienced a number of other benefits once we began repairing our discs. The rest of this blog posts aims to explain some of these benefits and how they could apply to you;

Increasing Selling Prices

The online market for CDs, DVDs and Video Games is very competitive. Every customer logs on looking for the best deal, particularly on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. With our commercial disc repair service you can providing your customer with a ‘Like New’ finish every time you can charge a higher price for your goods. This is particularly effective when you replace the existing scuffed case for a brand new one, as the item can look in mint condition.

More Buying Opportunities

How many times have you turned away potentially valuable stock because it was scratched or damaged? With disc repair you can buy in damaged stock for a low price per unit, repair it and then sell it through with high margins. This is particularly effective if you regularly buy rare of out of print titles.

Rescue Your Inventory

When we started repairing our discs we were able to save transform unplayable and therefore worthless discs into perfectly sellable stock. If you are regularly throwing away discs, then you need to considerable how much money you are currently leaving on the table.


Many of the high street brands are now repairing their stock before selling it to customers. Therefore the expectation surrounding the condition of used goods will considerably rise over the next few years – perhaps to the extent whereby the customer will expect a near mint condition every time. By repairing your discs you can future proof your business and provide your customer with a disc that looks and plays like new every time right away.

Less Returns – More Satisfaction

It goes without saying that if you regularly ship out scratched, dirty discs some of them are not going to work on customers machines. Even if they do work, a disc covered in scratches gives a very poor impression to a customer.  With disc repair you can impress with a high quality finish and they’ll know what it looked liked before you repaired it! Plus you’ll get less returns and less negative feedback as a result.

The Next Steps

To request a quote for our disc repair service for trade customers, please contact Anthony at info@discslikenew.com. You might be surprised at just how quick, easy and affordably we can professionally repair your discs.

This post was written by Anthony Taylor, Managing Director of Discs Like New. Visit http://www.discslikenew.com to find out more about our range of professional repair services.

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