Another Glowing Review For Discs Like New!

Posted on: February 21st, 2011 by andymyers No Comments

Our online disc repair service continues to go from strength to strength, as our latest review from Dans Galaxy demonstrates. Dan had an unplayable Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare on the Xbox 360. As with many other Xbox 360 owners Dan moved the console while the disc was spinning in the drive, resulting a circular scratch being carved all the way round the disc.

After a home made disc repair attempt failed, Dan got in touch with us to see if we could help. He came to the right place as Discs Like New specialises in repairing Xbox 360 with circular scratches, also known as ‘laser burn’ or the ‘reflective ring of death’.

We repaired the disc to our standard ‘like new’ finish and returned the disc back in one of our mailers which are designed to keep your discs safe and scratch-free. Dan reported that ‘the disc was delivered back shining. It looked like a brand new disc and played first time’.

To repair your Xbox 360 (or any video game) discs, simply visit our Xbox 360 Disc Repair page and checkout securely through PayPal. Within a couple of days you’ll have a prepaid cardboard mailer to ship your discs in – pop them in the post and we’ll do the rest!

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